What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is an easy way for your employees to make regular donations from their pre-tax salary. Donations are made from their salary before income tax is calculated, reducing their taxable income.

What benefit will we see from a Workplace Giving program?

Creating a Workplace Giving program positively promotes your organisation’s corporate social responsibility to your community and to your employees. Workplace Giving increases staff engagement and morale, contributing to a positive working environment that increases staff retention.

It’s a win-win-win for both you, your employees, and the charity organisations you support:

  • Employees say workplace giving makes them proud to work for their company*
  • Employees say a workplace giving program demonstrates a genuine commitment to the community and makes their company a better place to work*

What impact will our Workplace Giving make?

By supporting Surf Life Saving WA, your organisation will be helping fund rescue equipment, medical supplies, and training for our volunteer surf lifesavers. All donations of every size will help our surf lifesavers save lives and keep Western Australia’s beaches safe.

  • 7 employees donating $2 per fortnight can help provide a set of binoculars to help volunteer lifesavers spot more people on our beaches who might be in danger
  • 6 employees donating $3.50 per fortnight can help provide a spinal board to help carry a person with a suspected spinal injury to safety
  • 13 employees donating $5 per fortnight can help provide an oxygen resuscitation kit to provide lifesaving oxygen to a person who has nearly drowned on our beaches

Workplace Giving provides a regular income stream for Surf Life Saving WA, allowing us to plan for a future with zero preventable drowning deaths. It’s also a cost-effective program to administer which keeps costs down, ensuring more of your employee’s donations go where they’re needed most.

How can we take our support one step further?

You can increase the impact of your workplace by matching your employee’s donations. Companies who match employee donations boost their employee generosity and build greater workplace morale.

  • 81% of employees considered matched giving as an important feature*

How do we get started?

To start Workplace Giving for Surf Life Saving WA, please contact our Donor Care Team on 9207 6666 or by email for more information.

* From Good2Give Workplace Givers Revealed