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Our Beach Champions are an inner circle of committed supporters. They contribute regularly to save lives on our West Aussie beaches all year round.

By joining this group, you can help brave surf lifesaving volunteers receive the ongoing, world-class training and equipment they need to keep saving lives, no matter what emergencies they face on our beaches.

There’s nothing more reassuring than the sight of those everyday Aussies in red and yellow watching out for us on the beach – and your generous support can keep them there.

Saving lives on our beaches is what we do. By becoming a Beach Champion you’ll be a vital part of helping save lives between the flags.

They can’t do it without you!

About the Beach Champion Program

What is a Beach Champion?

A Beach Champion is a generous supporter and life-saving ally who chooses to make a regular and committed difference to safety on WA beaches. They make regular monthly donations of an amount they choose. Knowing that Beach Champions are regular supporters means that we can plan for vital lifesaving equipment and training for our volunteer lifesavers. They are the reason our lifesavers can save thousands of lives and why you can be safe in the surf.

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How do I become a Beach Champion?

Becoming a Beach Champion is easy. Either click here to do it online, or phone one of our donor care team on 08 9207 6677. You can nominate the amount you would like to give and this will be debited from your bank account or credit card every month.

Will I receive a receipt?

All donations $2 and over are tax-deductible. We’ll send your annual tax receipt to you in July each year. You can also request a receipt at any time by contacting our donor care team on ph: 08 9207 6677 or email to

How will my donation be used?

Your regular donations will be used to improve safety on our magnificent WA coastline. Volunteer lifesavers need to be equipped and extensively trained to save lives. We’ll be sending you regular updates so you know exactly what impact your donation is making.

When will my donation be deducted?

Your monthly donation will be deducted on the day you nominate when setting up your regular gift.

Why should I make a regular donation?

Surf Life Saving WA is committed to preserving the WA way of life where we can all safely enjoy visiting our spectacular beaches. You can help us plan ahead and provide support to equip and train the volunteer lifesavers that make this possible when you choose to make a monthly donation. When you set up a regular monthly donation you can make a bigger impact than you could with a one off gift.

What if I want to donate regularly, but not monthly?

We’re grateful for all donations, of any size and frequency. If a monthly donation schedule doesn’t suit you, then you can still become a Beach Champion by choosing quarterly or annually here.

What ways can I make my donation?

You can make your regular donation with the following credit cards – Visa, MasterCard or American Express – or by direct debit from an account of your choice.

How can I update my payment or contact details?

If you would like to update your payment details, you can call on 08 9207 6677 or email us on and a member of our donor care team will be happy to help you.

How can I cancel my donation?

If your circumstances change, you can easily amend or stop your payment at any time. Please call on 08 9207 6677 or email us on and a member of our donor care team will make your changes.

Can I talk to someone if I have other questions?

One of our donor care team would be very pleased to talk to you if you have any questions. Please call on 08 9207 6677 or email us on We care about the security of your information, so please don’t include your credit card information in your email to us.

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