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The My Beach Supporter program raises funds to support surf life saving services in WA, keeping administration costs low so that the majority of funds go where they’re needed –saving lives on WA’s beaches.

Last summer our volunteer lifesavers rescued 738 people; spent 109,460 hours patrolling; administered first aid to 1,716 beach goers; and performed 17,730 preventative actions.

Every time you make the conscious decision to swim between the red and yellow flags, or take your family and friends to the beach, you are using the service provided by these volunteers.

Our My Beach Supporters are as passionate about WA’s beaches and coastal lifestyle as we are.

Their monthly donations are just as crucial to helping keep our beaches safe as the actions of our surf lifesavers between the flags. Run by Surf Life Saving WA, the program is crucial to helping us ensure our State’s great love affair with the coast can be enjoyed safely.

When you become a My Beach Supporter, you join our 20,000 strong surf lifesaving family here in WA.

My Beach

When a donor joins the My Beach Supporter program, we see them as having joined the Surf Lifesaving family.

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Where does your money go?

We will use your donations to train our volunteer Surf Lifesavers, ensuring they are capable of handling any situation. Every patrolling volunteer Surf Lifesaver has their Bronze Medallion, which involves more than 40 hours of training and assessment in CPR, rescue techniques, First Aid and fitness testing, and these skills need to be maintained year-by-year at a per-annum cost in excess of $850.

Your donations also go towards rescue gear and equipment – the single biggest cost to providing our lifesaving services. 

It’s easy to see the benefits of supporting Surf Lifesaving in Western Australia. Millions of people across the State enjoy the amazing natural gifts on our doorstep.

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