We can't see everything from the beach, but from the air...


What would you do to preserve our amazing West Australian way of life?

When you head out for a day at the beach, you’ll see the iconic red and yellow uniforms of our volunteer lifesavers. I hope you feel confident you’re in safe hands – because you’d be right!

Those dedicated and highly trained West Aussie icons are there to watch over you.

To keep you safe.

To keep you alive.

So you can enjoy clean air, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed WA lifestyle.

Even though they’re always vigilant, they can’t see everything from the beach. But from the air… they can see risks in the water before danger strikes.

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Our two Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopters are crucial in identifying dangers from the sky. But they can’t be at all our beaches all the time. The risks you face while you’re enjoying the surf remain even when the helicopters aren’t there. 

Lifesavers need to see more from the sky to keep you from danger. So last year the State Government funded an SLSWA trial to see if a Drone Patrol had the potential to save lives. And it did!

As a result, this year Surf Life Saving WA rolled out Drone Patrol on five beaches. Drone Patrol can’t replace our helicopters. But it can be there when the helicopters are patrolling somewhere else. With the vast WA coastline for you to enjoy, we need to have drones at even more beaches to do our job – to protect you.

This new life-saving service needs the latest drone equipment. But it also needs lifesavers trained to operate the innovative surveillance technology.

That’s why your gift today is so important.

Your donation can help double the beaches with a Drone Patrol next season. Your support WILL save lives.

Your support will help buy more drones to see dangers from the sky. And train lifesavers in the new skills they need to be drone operators and spotters.

Your support will help preserve the West Australian lifestyle. It will save lives.


The Drone Patrol has already saved lives.


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