The Wesfarmers Lifesaver Jet Ski Teams are rapid, motorised response units that assist surf lifesaving beach patrols and other emergency response units. They provide coastal surveillance services, as well as performing search and rescues.

On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the jet ski teams assist with rescues, searches and body retrieval missions. Wesfarmers Lifesaver Jet Ski teams are tasked by surf lifesaving services, or by WA Police and other emergency service organisations.



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Emergency responses and more

Initially focussed on an emergency response service, the jet ski teams’ responsibilities have grown. This includes assistance in performing rescues under difficult conditions, as well as early morning surveillance patrols of swimmers along the Perth coast.

Introduced into Western Australia in 2003, Wesfarmers has supported SLSWA’s jet ski teams since 2008. This support has allowed for the growth of the program and placement of new teams at key locations along the West Australian coastline.