Kite Boarding has evolved into a popular recreational activity across the world. Western Australia (WA) is a world-class venue for kite boarding and, whether at an elite or recreational level, it is important to always ensure your safety comes first.

SLSWA has partnered with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and WA Kite Surfing Association (WAKSA) to develop the Kite Boarding – Be Safe program to enhance safety amongst the kite boarding community.

The Kite Boarding – Be Safe Participation and Safety Guidelines have been developed to guide the safety of individuals participating in kite boarding in WA.

Brochure: Download

Safety Guide: Download

The Event Management Guidelines have been developed to provide event managers with direction on how to safely conduct a kite boarding event in WA.

Download: Event Management Guidelines

For further information about this, and any other Be Safe program, please contact the Health Promotion team here.