My Beach

Seventy-two youth members from 27 clubs set sail to Rottnest Island last week for four days of fun and learning at TOAD (Teamwork, Opportunities and Development) Camp! It was an amazing week of sunshine, blue skies, cute quokkas and clear waters for the lucky campers on the island.

Throughout the trip, they participated in a variety of skill-building activities, aimed to enhance and encourage development in both surf lifesaving and their local communities. The Great Rotto Race was one of the crowd favourites, as campers used their new and refined radio expertise, as well navigation, teamwork and problem-solving skills, to follow clues around the island, completing challenges at each stop. 

Another exciting experience was the bike ride around the island with snorkel stops at the Basin and Little Armstrong Bay, where they explored a colourful underwater world. There’s no doubt the beach was the best place to be on these warm sunny days. It also the place we saw real competitive spirit and teamwork skills in action, whilst campers participated in team beach activities.

Toadies from Albany SLSC expressed how much they had learnt during these activities, Jacques Swarts saying, “I found the camp has helped a lot with my leadership and confidence skills”, Nick Roecker, continued on to say, We all have to be leaders, help out more and work together”.

We hope all Toadies will leave the camp inspired and determined, working together and using their new skills to make a positive difference in their communities.

We thank the Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of Western Australia (SMCFWA) for their support which makes this, and the Rise-Up Camp, possible for our younger members.

Kevin McKay, Chairman, Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of WA, who travelled to Rottnest to spend some time with participants said, “SMCFWA have supported the TOAD and Rise-Up Camps for the past seven years. We believe these camps provide an ideal opportunity for the participants to gain leadership and team work skills, which will be essential and worthwhile during their years as a student and in their chosen fields of employment.

This year we were able to grant more funds to be used for these camps which enabled more youth to participate. We are extremely proud to support a program which is growing and attracting more participants every year.”

These camps provide invaluable opportunity for our members to develop their teamwork and leadership skills whilst forging lasting inter-club friendships!