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The way our workplaces operate is changing. As we become more in tune with staff and professional productivity, and the growing importance of personal health and wellbeing, the more directors, business owners and HR managers are placing greater emphasis on professional development within their workplace.

Research has shown us that professional development leads to a more productive and healthy workplace, a happier and more content workforce, and a more professional and profitable work environment. 

But one of the most important, if not the most important professional development courses available to improve workplace productivity and wellbeing, are corporate first aid courses

First aid courses provide staff with the useful tools needed to save a life in the workplace.  A workplace CPR course also provides staff with essential teamwork and social skills, improving communication and building staff morale.

We often say it doesn’t take a lifesaver to be a life saver, and that heroes can come from all walks of life – this is especially true in the work environment.

SLSWA First Aid Courses for workplaces

Like manual handling and occupational health and safety, workplace first aid is an essential (and often legal) tool of workplace knowledge, and is especially important for the safety and wellbeing of your staff. 

If a colleague is injured or unresponsive, do you or your team know what to do when an emergency arises? 

We therefore highly recommend all businesses enrol their team in a first aid course. Whether this is for new staff or a refresher first aid course for existing staff.

Qualifications and Certifications

Enroling in a SLSWA Provide First Aid course or Provide CPR course is easy. By completing these courses, you and your staff will receive a nationally accredited statement of attainment for competently completing all assessments – this is important if you work in industries, such as education, that legally require you to remain up to date with your first aid training.

The HLTAID003 Provide First Aid course is the industry standard. This qualification includes the HLTAID001 Provide CPR and HLTAID002 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support units of competency, and must be requalified every three years. The individual HLTAID001 Provide CPR award must be updated on a yearly basis. 

As skills can lapse if you don’t renew and requalify your awards, we recommend you stay up to date with first aid and CPR certification and renew on time.

Enrol Today

SLSWA First Aid Training courses are nationally recognised, offering exceptional and contextualised workplace first aid training throughout Western Australia and can even come to your workplace. These courses deliver the essential principles, skills and knowledge necessary to provide lifesaving interventions to colleagues and clients. 

If you would like to enrol your business or workplace in a SLSWA First Aid course, would like to know more about our corporate first aid courses in Perth, or for further information on how first aid training can help your business, please get in touch today.

Because one day you may be looking at your employees to save your life.