SLSWA workplace first aid training

First aid training save lives. It’s as simple and clear cut as that. We could just end this article here, however, first aid courses in Perth can come in many guises, operated by a host of differently experienced and merited training providers. And while all first aid training providers must meet the same standards, not all providers are the same.

Surf Life Saving Western Australia has been running first aid training and CPR courses for well over 100 years. Although we’re commonly associated with just the surf (our name says it all), we also deliver certified first aid courses to Perth offices, local businesses and workplaces throughout Western Australia.

This begs the question: is your workplace first aid ready? Studies show many workplaces in Australia are inadequately equipped for critical first aid response scenarios. In a crisis where every second counts, are you able to save the life of a co-worker? A friend? A loved one? When a life is on the line, is anyone in the office able to assist?

We like to say “it doesn’t take a lifesaver to be a life saver”. Heroes come from all walks of life, all it takes is the necessary training to stand up when needed.

When was the last time your workplace undertook a certified, all encompassing first aid course? It is the role of experienced company owners, HR managers and employers to ensure their workplaces are safe environments for all their employees. Would you leave exposed electrical wires out in the open? Remove asbestos without a mask? Lift a heavy weight without the proper precautions? Not be first aid ready?

SLSWA first aid courses are industry leading, offering first aid training in Perth for every workplace, industry and location. While all accredited first aid providers must meet the same VET standards and requirements, our point of difference is that we can structure our training to focus on the key risks relevant to your workplace.

We offer a range of corporate first aid courses that are applicable to all work environments and experiences. Whether it’s Basic Emergency Life Support, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid and Requalifications, every course can be tailored to deliver optimal education to your employees.

We understand the busy nature of the modern workplace, and the opportunity cost on time versus price, so our courses are designed to minimise disruption and maximise learning.

Regardless of the level of risk, every workplace should be first aid trained. Safer workplaces make for happier, more efficient places to work. Knowing that you’re being looked after goes a long way towards improved workplace wellbeing, and in turn, workplace productivity.

If you would like to enrol yourself or your office in a SLSWA First Aid Training course, would like further information on first aid training, or would like to find out more about CPR courses in Perth, please get in touch today – as waiting until tomorrow may be too late.