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Three teenage divers found themselves in a distressing situation last Saturday as they became stranded on reef being circled by sharks, some 80 metres offshore at Cosy Corner, just south of Hamelin Bay.

Alerted to the situation by WA Water Police, SLSWA’s Busselton based Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service (WLRH) immediately tracked south from Smiths Beach, arriving at the location less than 25 minutes later where they went to the aid of the trio.

Monitoring the waters from above, the crew spent more than 10 minutes providing reassurance and signalling to the young divers, assisting them to traverse the reef line to a suitable rescue point.

Shortly after the heli’s arrival, the Augusta Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) vessel arrived, safely taking on board the individuals.

WLRH Air Crew member Matt Wenman said that the arrival of the heli immediately provided reassurance to the three divers who appeared distressed and constantly looking for the shark. The heli also enabled the Augusta VMR to track directly to the rescue side of the reef line to lend aid to the divers.

All three divers were confirmed to be in good health and thankful for the help of all rescue services.

Last season, the South-West Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service reported 130 shark sightings from Busselton to Margaret River, with patrols extended beyond Margaret River to Hamelin Bay this year. We remind all beachgoers to follow and check the SLSWA Twitter page, SharkSmart website or news for safety alerts prior to entering the water.