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Lifesaving volunteers aren’t just heroes in their own community, they often seek out ways to assist people from other clubs, states and even countries.

This October, for the 19th consecutive year, 12 volunteers from Mullaloo SLSC will travel to Bali to assist the local professional lifeguards to train local people in valuable surf awareness, rescue techniques, first aid and resuscitation skills.

Two of Surf Life Saving WA’s finalists for the Surf Life Saving Australia Awards of Excellence are part of this group, with Sandy Clarke (SLSWA’s AGL Volunteer of the Year and Official of the Year) and Mark Hills (SLSWA’s Assessor of the Year) both travelling to Bali to assist with this training.

Although the Balinese lifeguards have the organic skills to conduct this training, the 12 Mullaloo SLSC members provide a critical support role and provide a conduit for the development of emerging techniques in Australian surf life saving to the professional Balinese lifeguards.

Over 10 gruelling days, the Mullaloo team will assist in taking approximately 75 raw recruits, some who have never seen surf conditions before, from nervous, unprepared volunteers to confident, capable and talented lifesavers. Taking men and women who previously had no rescue skills and training them up to be capable of saving lives in their respective workplaces.

Of the candidates who commence the training, some will be awarded Instructor Certificates, some Bronze Medallion Certificates, some with Surf Rescue Certificates, and some with Resuscitation Certificates.

Some of the Bronze Medallion recipients will be invited to become lifeguards on the often dangerous Bali beaches, while the remainder will return to their respective workplaces at resorts, theme parks and surf schools with the invaluable knowledge to help them save a life.

For Mullaloo SLSC, this annual training pilgrimage continues to demonstrate the club’s commitment to its Strategic Aims of community involvement, not only in Australia, but wherever the opportunity presents itself, and to developing skills for life.

Mullaloo formed a sister club relationship with Balawista Badung, situated on Kuta Beach, a few years ago to commemorate the ongoing support.

Good luck and safe travels to the 12 Mullaloo SLSC members heading over: Jeff Vidler, Bernadette Flint, Craig Humphries, David Rossow, Kevin Fettes, Craig Thrum, Laurie Campbell, Steve Nestor, Paul Rustidge, Carlo Tenaglia, Sandy Clarke and Mark Hills.

This group are just one example of West Aussie lifesavers going above and beyond to save lives and build great communities.