slswa workplace first aid training refresher courses

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing the importance of First Aid Training in the workplace. This is a discussion that, in reality, should always be at the forefront of conversation – especially when discussing health and safety in the work or home environment. However, there are many factors of First Aid Training that are often not readily discussed, or remain out of sight and mind of the general population.

One such pressing topic is the renewal of first aid courses.

First aid refresher courses are integral to retaining skill sets and remaining up to date in the latest advancements in CPR techniques and processes. Manual handling, mental health and wellbeing, fire drills, diversity and standard first aid courses remain a constant within workplace training modules – and rightly so – however first aid and CPR refresher courses are often not held to the same level of importance and are often not considered upon yearly HR reviews.

The old motto of “once is enough” is simply not enough when it comes to the safety of colleagues and friends in the workplace. Simply undertaking one First Aid Training course and hoping years old training kicks in during an emergency is wishful and (proven) dangerous thinking.

There are numerous factors at play when workplaces have not renewed their first aid training. To put it simply, without renewal, your workplace risks lapsing into an unqualified first aid business. And with growing awareness of workplace sensitivities in the modern social age, do you want to risk the standing of your workplace being a discussion point on such an issue?

We recommend that first aid training should be renewed at least every three years. The HLTAID003 Provide First Aid certificate must be requalified every three years, whilst the HLTAID001 Provide CPR award must be updated yearly to remain up to date.

Failure to renew may result in once qualified First Aiders losing their First Aid accreditation. And is that worth the risk?

SLSWA first aid courses are industry leading, offering first aid training refresher courses in Perth for every workplace, industry and location. We identify the key risks in your particular workplace and who is most likely to be at risk and deliver thorough training relevant to your specific workplace.

We offer a range of first aid courses that are applicable to all work environments and experiences. Whether it’s Basic Emergency Life Support, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid and Requalifications, every course is tailored to deliver optimal education to your employees.

We understand the busy nature of the modern workplace, and the opportunity cost on time versus price, so our courses are designed to minimise disruption and maximise learning.

Regardless of the level of risk, every workplace should be first aid trained. Safer workplaces make for happier, more efficient places to work. Knowing that you’re being looked after goes a long way towards improved workplace wellbeing, and in turn, workplace productivity.

If you would like to enrol yourself or your office in a SLSWA First Aid Training refresher course, would like further information on first aid training, or would like to find out more about CPR courses and CPR refresher courses in Perth, please get in touch today – as waiting until tomorrow may be that one day too late.