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14 . 10 . 2020

We’re continuing to help the community through first aid training, equipping everyday Australians to be lifesavers. Book your course today.

Twelve finalists to represent WA at 2020 SLSA Awards of Excellence

Twelve category winners from the 2020 Surf Life Saving WA Awards of Excellence will proudly represent WA as part of Surf Life Saving Australia’s virtual Awards of Excellence. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s National Awards will be celebrated on Saturday, 7 November via a live, online event, consisting of in-studio presentations, as well as […]

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21 . 08 . 2020

first aid training for school aged kids

Why first aid training is essential for people of all ages

First aid is a lifelong and life saving skill that can be taught in childhood and developed throughout life. Knowing how to respond to emergencies and save a life is a skill that will be essential through every stage of life, whether in childhood knowing how to help a friend with a grazed knee, to […]

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23 . 04 . 2020

first aid training for parents and carers - SLSWA

The importance of first aid training for parents and carers

Do you know first aid? If you have a child in your care and your answer was no, or you answered yes with even the faintest hint of hesitation, then now is the time to learn. An Australian Child Health Poll found that 25% of parents were not confident that they could administer CPR to […]

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20 . 02 . 2020

cpr and defibrillation - SLSWA

How To Learn CPR and Defibrillation

Why learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and defibrillation? Knowing how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator can save someone’s life, be it your family, a co-worker or a stranger. At Surf Life Saving WA, we are passionate about teaching everyday Australians how to perform CPR because it isn’t just for medical professionals or office HR […]

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17 . 01 . 2020

first aid course_defib

Make Learning First Aid One Of Your Top Priority This Year

Many of us always have those objectives and goals to achieve for a better life. There are the classics: exercise more, quit a bad habit, save money, or maybe finally organise the shed. One life-changing goal worth acting on (and sticking with) is to learn first aid. SLSWA delivers nationally recognised first aid courses in […]

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28 . 11 . 2019

first aid training for employees

Benefits of Providing Corporate First Aid Training to Your Employees

Every workplace is different however, they all share a need for progress and innovation in order to be successful. Providing opportunities for staff professional development contributes greatly to improved performance, but what about enhancing the overall environment, employee interactions and morale? This is where corporate first aid training can come in, offering a myriad of […]

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19 . 09 . 2019

workplace first aid policies

Do You Know Your Workplace’s First Aid Policies?

If you’ve been following our blogs recently, you may have noticed we’ve placed a great deal of emphasis on drawing awareness to safety in the workplace, and in particular, first aid training in the workplace. With workplace injuries and illnesses on the rise, we believe its best practice to ensure that your workplace is (and […]

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20 . 08 . 2019

workplace first aid course SLSWA

Workplace First Aid and Professional Development

The way our workplaces operate is changing. As we become more in tune with staff and professional productivity, and the growing importance of personal health and wellbeing, the more directors, business owners and HR managers are placing greater emphasis on professional development within their workplace. Research has shown us that professional development leads to a […]

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29 . 07 . 2019

home first aid - SLSWA

Become a Home Lifesaver: Is your home first aid ready?

Lifesavers come from all walks of life. Whether on the beach, in the office, or, most importantly, in the home, it is critical that you know what to do if and when a first aid emergency arises. It may seem obvious to say that none of us want to place our family at risk – […]

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