First aid courses in Perth can come in many forms, operated by a host of different first aid training providers. We cover the factors to consider.

First aid courses in Perth can come in many forms, operated by a host of different training providers. And while all first aid training providers are required to meet the same standards, not all providers are created equal. 

With the proliferation of cheaper online course offerings, it is easy to be swayed. But we believe there is value in going with a local first aid training provider, who can deliver the course in-person. In this article, we cover the factors that need to be considered when researching and selecting a first aid training provider in Perth

Factors to consider when choosing a first aid training provider

There are a few things in play when choosing a provider, these can include:

  • Accreditation

It is important to look for a course provider that is registered. You can determine whether the provider is registered by looking out for their RTO number which they are required to display clearly on their website and any advertising materials (SLSWA RTO Number: 51104). 

It’s only those providers with an RTO that can deliver and issue nationally recognised first aid training qualifications. So although some providers may cover all the essential first aid knowledge and skills, it may not provide you with a qualification that is recognised.

RTOs are also required to keep their courses up-to-date to remain registered, so you can be certain you are learning the correct first aid techniques at the date of participation. 

  • Reputation

When conducting your research, it is wise to evaluate the reputation of each provider. 

Have you heard of this course provider before? 

Do they get good reviews? 

Do you know anyone who has completed a course with them before?

  • Range of courses offered

Whether you are looking to update your first aid knowledge, or you are starting from the beginning, you will need to assess the first aid provider on what courses they are offering. Some first aid courses are delivered to meet particular requirements, for example, a course covering the necessary skills to treat children in a child care or education setting.

A reputable first aid training provider will offer courses that are nationally accredited. This means they have met standards as outlined by the Standards for RTO’s 2015 and the Unit of Competency requirements. Nationally recognised courses that are offered by SLSWA include:

Keep an eye out for course codes like the above (e.g. HLTAID001) which indicate a course is accredited.

  • Delivery

Once you’ve selected the appropriate course for your needs, the next step is to think about how you’d like it to be delivered. Some providers will conduct courses at their training centre, whilst some will offer the flexibility of having the course delivered at a location of your choosing, or with an online learning component. If you have a group of people completing the course with you, corporate first aid training for instance, then it’s worth looking into what providers will offer this.

Why is SLSWA Perth’s first aid provider of choice?

Surf Life Saving Western Australia has been saving lives for over 100 years. At our core, we promote the safe enjoyment of WA’s beautiful beaches and as part of this mission, we provide first aid education: which is applicable on and off the sand.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), our primary focus is to equip every day West Australians with the essential skills and knowledge to save a life, offering public, private and corporate first aid courses across the Perth metro area.

Our point of difference is in the delivery of our courses, allowing group bookings of 8 or more to choose the location of their training: whether that be business premises, a home, or a community hall. 

We are also home to friendly and relatable trainers, experts who have a wide range of experience dealing with the varying types of first aid incidents that can occur. So if you are looking for a reputable first aid training provider that offers nationally recognised courses, SLSWA is your safest bet.

Ready to get started?

Get first aid ready with SLSWA, a local first aid training provider that has been looking out for the safety of Australians for over a century. 

Due to the recent easing of COVID-19 restrictions, SLSWA’s face-to-face first aid training courses will be recommencing, with adjustments in place to meet all Federal and State Government requirements. Rest assured the health and safety of our trainers and course participants remain our highest priority. You can find more information on what changes are in place on our first aid training page.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 9207 6666 or email