first aid training for employees

Every workplace is different however, they all share a need for progress and innovation in order to be successful. Providing opportunities for staff professional development contributes greatly to improved performance, but what about enhancing the overall environment, employee interactions and morale? This is where corporate first aid training can come in, offering a myriad of benefits to all employees. 

Building positive working relationships

Team building activities and social events provide an opportunity for staff to get to know each other in a less formal setting, to find common ground and build a positive working relationship with colleagues. 

Sporting activities, lunches and formal events are popular for social interaction and providing the opportunity for these connections to begin and grow. Shared experiences, however, can allow employees to create an even stronger foundation. Attempting a challenge for the first time or putting themselves out of their comfort zone is when this can all take place.

Improving communication and problem-solving 

Particularly when facing challenges or learning new things, co-workers develop greater communication skills, problem-solving, trust and respect for one another. This not only benefits their work-style and interactions, but it can also support them in personal endeavours or hurdles they may face. 

We all think differently and communicate in different ways in the office, for example exchanging feedback with fellow staff members. Establishing what these are for ourselves and understanding our colleague’s preferences can be invaluable for a range of scenarios they can find themselves in. 

Learning a new skill

Physical challenges and creative workshops are sure to be crowd favourites for an enjoyable activity in which a corporate team can bond and work on those communication skills. But, what better skill to set staff the challenge of obtaining together, than a First Aid qualification. 

A nationally recognised qualification that instils life saving knowledge and abilities in staff that not only benefits them and the office, but also their loved ones. Emergency situations certainly don’t discriminate against the time of day, nor the setting they take place in. Being equipped with practical knowledge and understanding in dire situations is really the best precaution – and a lifelong skill.

Small Group Corporate First Aid Training

One of the most effective ways to improve office conditions and employee relationships is to facilitate a safe and comfortable working environment.

What could be safer than a workplace in which staff are comprehensively trained to support one another in emergency situations?

SLSWA are renowned for providing tailored first aid training that incorporates your workplace terminology, documents and likely scenarios. We can ensure that your staff are provided with the essential first aid skills, in your office or a venue suited to you and your staff. Emergencies can take us all by surprise, ensure you and your employees are equipped to handle any situation – and enjoy learning a new skill as a team.

Visit our corporate first aid training page for more information and to discuss your requirements with our team.