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During December and January, more than 120 youth members participated in our highly anticipated annual youth camps – Rise Up & TOAD.

Rise Up Camp

In the week leading up to Christmas, fifty-five U17 members from 23 clubs made their way to Forest Edge Recreation Camp, Waroona, for Rise Up Camp.

The happy campers spent four days completing various challenging (and often hilarious) activities, including constructing rafts which they then needed to successfully paddle (while staying relatively afloat) across a stretch of water.

Teamwork and trust were developed during rock climbing and many relays, including the wheelbarrow race, which saw their competitive sides emerge. Participants also built on their first aid skills in preparation for certificates such as Advanced Resuscitation Techniques.

Fantastic friendships were formed with SLSWA youth members from around the state, and another successful year of Rise Up was had.


Last week, seventy-two U14 & U15 members from 28 clubs ventured to Ern Halliday Recreation Camp for the TOAD (Teamwork, Opportunities and Development) Camp. Despite the extreme heat, it was a fantastic four days for the toadies, with many new friends made and extra beach sessions added to the mix!

Teams worked together to challenge themselves and their leadership skills through crate climbs, steadied their hands during archery, tested their biking skills on the pump track and took on the giant swing, all with great success.

As well as fun activities, every happy camper also completed their Radio Operators Certificate.

On Wednesday, the Toadies also hosted representatives from the Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of WA (SMCFWA) and Board Member Mike Shaw. The SMCFWA has long been a supporter of our youth programs, and once again, it was wonderful to have them along to camp, where they presented the group with a cheque for $30,000, representing their ongoing support for SLSWA and our youth members.

These camps continue to provide an invaluable opportunity for our members to develop their teamwork and leadership skills whilst forging lasting inter-club friendships. We hope all participants left the camps inspired and determined, working together and using their new skills to make a positive difference in their communities.

Find out more about our annual youth camps here.