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Nathan Perry, a surf boat builder and Level 3 Sweep from NSW, held a Surf Boat Sweep Seminar on 9-10 September at North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.

Approximately 40 sweeps and rowers attended the theory component of the course on the Saturday. On Sunday, three surf boats were taken down to the river for a practical session with around 30 people in attendance. Nathan covered a wide variety of topics looking at the following:

  • Rowing style
  • Rigging and tuning of a surf boat
  • Various dimensions associated with oars
  • Turning around buoys
  • Training programme – weights, ergometer and rowing
  • Culture within a boat community

The seminar was organised by the WA Surf Rowers Panel and they are to be congratulated on this early season initiative.

If you would like more information regarding Surf Boat Rowing in WA, please contact Chris Inglis on