In our Member Protection Portal, you’ll find information for members & clubs on:

  • Screening requirements to become a volunteer member
  • Working With Children Check
  • Relevant Surf Life Saving Australia Policies and Documents
  • SLS Complaint Procedures
  • Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO)

Member Screening is a strategy adopted by SLSWA to enhance the positive participatory environment for its nipper and youth (18 years and under) members. The SLSWA Member Screening Policy (adopted 2018) is designed to align with current state-based legislation and ensure a best-practice approach to safeguarding children and young people in sporting environments. Download the policy SLSWA Member Screening Policy here.

Working With Children Check

Members of SLS clubs may be asked by their club to obtain a Working With Children Check as per the SLSWA Member Screening Policy.

The Working With Children Check (WWCC) aims to increase the safety of children in our community by helping to prevent people who have a criminal history that indicates they may harm children.

Checks cost $11.00 for volunteers and $85.00 for employees. WWC forms need to be collected from either your club or Australia Post. The applicant submits their form at their local POST office.

For further information visit Working with Children Check.

SLSA Policies and Documents

Surf Life Saving Australia has a number of policies and documents with which clubs and members should make themselves familiar.

SLS Complaint Procedures

Any matter relating to the abuse or suspected abuse of children and young people (CYP), under the age of 18, must be reported. If you believe there has been a breach of the Child Safe Policy (6.04), please report and submit details of the alleged breach in the SLS Reporting System. If criminal activity has occurred or if you believe a child is at immediate risk of harm or danger, contact the Police (call 000) to report the matter prior to submitting a report through the SLS Reporting System.

For other grievances or complaints, members should seek out their club Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). Your MPIO will provide you with information about your rights, responsibilities and options. If after discussing the issue with your Club MPIO you wish to lodge a formal complaint this must be done through the SLS Reporting System.

A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is responsible for the provision of information about a person’s rights, responsibilities and options when an individual is making a complaint or concern. MPIOs are impartial; they do not mediate or investigate complaints, they simply provide information regarding the complaints process.

How do you become an MPIO?

  1. To become an MPIO, you need to complete this course
  2. Upon completion of the online modules, download and forward the certificate of completion to the SLSWA Member Development Coordinator.
  3. Complete a face to face workshop.

For further information on all Member Protection enquiries, please contact the SLSWA Member Development Coordinator, via email or phone (08) 9207 6666.