The  Support Operations Jet Ski Teams are managed by SLSWA for the purposes of providing water safety at SLSWA managed events and activities, including local area and state level surf sport activities; and lifesaving training and development initiatives, such as abalone patrols.

Prior experience as a member of a Lifesaver Jet Ski Team is a pre-requisite and members will be offered the opportunity to participate in additional training and professional development sessions as part of their involvement with these teams, in an effort to upskill and meet the requirements of the support operations teams. Participation in a support operations team is a good opportunity for members to log service hours and develop their driving proficiency in a range of environments, conditions and scenarios.


Wesfarmers Support Operations Teams

Entry Requirement

Application to, and acceptance by, SLSWA.

Prior experience as a member of a Lifesaver Jet Ski Team.

Please contact the SLSWA Lifesaving Department on 08 9207 6666 for further information regarding the application and selection process