My Beach

At approximately 8.30 am on Saturday 25 April, Surf Life Saving WA’s south west Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter (WLRH) was contacted by the WA Police advising they had received a report that two fishermen had been swept off rocks near Contos Beach, approximately ten kilometres south of Margaret River.

Information was that both had been taken out to sea (approximately 400 metres) and were some 30 metres apart from each other. Other assets were being sourced and attendance by the WLRH was requested.

Within ten minutes of receiving the call, the WLRH was airborne from its base at the Busselton Margaret River Airport, tracking overland direct to the scene and arriving within approximately 20 minutes whereby air crew identified two persons in the water.

Tragically, one of the men appeared to be deceased but the other appeared conscious, floating on his back. Their immediate area was marked with sea dye and smoke for visibility for other services.

The WLRH deployed a Rescue Crew member who dropped into the water from the helicopter and, with a rescue tube, swam to the aid of the conscious fisherman.

The Rescue Crew member then remained in the water for approximately 30 minutes, supporting the fisherman with the rescue tube until the arrival of emergency services.

Were it not for the arrival of the WLRH, whose crew was quickly able to locate the two fishermen and provide immediate assistance as they awaited other support services, it is likely both individuals would not have survived.