Summer Coastal Drowning Data


Below are the key drowning statistics for the 2023/24 Australian summer.

All statistics below are for the period 1st December 2023 to 18 February 2024. Statistics are updated weekly.

Summer Drowning Deaths

Drowning Deaths - National


Coastal Drowning Deaths - National


Coastal Drowning Deaths - Western Australia


100% of summer coastal drowning deaths have occurred either at unpatrolled areas, outside patrol hours, or outside the red and yellow flags.

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10-year statistics (2014/15 to 2023/24) for Western Australia for 1 December – 18 February

  • A total of 77 drowning deaths have been recorded during the summer months in WA over the last 10 years, 69% of these occurring along the coast (n=53).
  • WA represents 11% of the national fatal summer coastal drowning burden.
  • An additional 62 coastal fatalities (not due to drowning) have been recorded for the same period; 74% of which were unintentional.
  • The most common activities being participated in prior to the fatal drowning incident are swimming/wading (36%), boating (17%), and snorkelling (15%).
  • Males accounted for 87% of coastal drowning deaths.
  • Coastal drowning deaths were most prevalent among 65-74 year olds (21%), followed by 55-64 year olds (15%).

The WA Coastal Safety Report 2023 can be download here

For further information regarding Summer Coastal Drowning Data, visit Surf life Saving Australia.

*Please note: All figures presented are sourced through media and internal SLS systems, as such should be considered interim and subject to change once confirmed through multiple investigations and validation processes. These statistics will be updated weekly through summer.