Air Crew

As Air Crew, I am responsible for working with the pilot and my fellow Air Crew or Rescue Crew to conduct scheduled surveillance patrols looking for and taking action in response to different types of coastal hazards. I am responsible for safely dispatching rescue equipment or a Rescue Crew from the helicopter in response to an incident. I am also involved in ensuring we are “rescue ready” at all times in the event of tasking.

I primarily work on the South West Service.

Favourite WA Beach?

Any beaches within the South West Cape Region.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Mainly been to Bali, relaxing atmosphere, friendly people and great weather.

What inspired you to join the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service?

I had been working in another aviation unit for a long time and wanted to have a change. I applied in 2014 and managed to pick up a position and commenced work at the Fremantle base before relocating to the South west in 2016.

What motivates you to work for the service and help the community?

Knowing that the service we provide adds to the safety measures the WA Government has implemented with the Shark Mitigation Program and that the service can be relied upon by other agencies like WA Police, to assist in Search and Rescue or Missing Persons tasks etc.

What’s your hidden talent?’

Adding humour to the workplace and to the family life…although you might want to ask my kids about the latter.

Do you have any aspirations in aviation?

I’ve now been in aviation for 28 years so that speaks for itself.

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring with you?

Another island so I can have neighbours, kids so they can live on the other island and my wife so she can live with me.