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Yanchep Lagoon is a popular swimming and snorkelling beach. In calm conditions the beach is reasonably safe however, swimmers should swim between the flags and be cautious of the strong current which flows out of the lagoon into deeper water.

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The main Yanchep Lagoon beach extends north from the northern bluff for 300 m. The reef is attached at the southern end, with the beach curving to the east causing the lagoon to widen to the north. While waves are usually low in the lagoon, water rushing over the reef flows northward along the lagoon and out of the deep 50 m wide channel as a permanent rip. Beware of this current if swimming in the channel. The beach is backed by vegetated 15 m high bluffs, a large bluff top car park and kiosk.

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Yanchep Lagoon is also very popular amongst snorkelers and divers.