Yanchep Beach

Yanchep Beach (WA 896) begins on the northern side of the reef and continues north for 1 km to the Capricorn beach groyne, which is located in lee of a small reef.

Weather 16°
Water 20°
UV Rating 4
Yanchep Beach

Ongoing Hazards

Submerged Objects

Strong Currents

Shallow Water

Waves average just over 1 m along the beach and usually maintain a low tide terrace, which is cut by beach rips during and following periods of higher waves.

My Beach

The Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club, founded in 1981, overlooks the southern end of the beach and patrols both the lagoon and main beaches.

Beach Information

My Beach

Swimming Info

The safest swimming is at the southern lagoon beach (WA 894) and at the southern end of the main lagoon (WA 895). Be very careful near the lagoon opening as a strong current flows out into deep water. If swimming on the open beach stay on the attached portion of the bar and clear of the rips.

Surfing Info

The beachrock reef at Yanchep Lagoon can provide some good rights in a moderate to high swell. Otherwise there are usually some beach breaks north of the lagoon.