Yallingup Beach

The main Yallingup Beach extends north of the car park for 1.3 km to the beginning of a section of steep calcarenite bluffs and backing slopes, which rise to 173 m at Wardanup Hill. The curving beach faces west with wave height increasing up the beach.

Yallingup Beach

Beach Patrol

Surf Life Saving WA conducts patrols of Yallingup Beach over weekends and public holidays between december and January each year. For further information regarding patrol dates and times, visit beachsafe.org.au.

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Ongoing Hazards

Beach Rips

Submerged Objects

Strong Currents

High surf

In the more protected southern corner waves average about 1m and break across a low tide terrace.

My Beach

Wave height increases up the beach as the surf zone widens and is cut by strong permanent rips against the central reefs and usually a beach rip to either side.The reef area provides good

The reef area provides good surf, but is hazardous for swimmers. The main settlement and rows of houses back the southern part of the beach, with the surfers car park in lee of the main central reef break.

Some active dunes extend north of the car park before the bluffs and rock platforms begin to dominate the shore to the north.

Beach Information

Swimming Info

The southern reef beach (WA 715) is the least hazardous location as it is usually free of waves and rips. Be careful if you swim north of the main car park (WA 716) as waves and rips increase in intensity up the beach.

Surfing Info

Yallingup is renown for its reef break off the southern end of the beach, locally know as Car Park. Depending on the size it hold lefts and right in a low swell, developing into a long left with bigger swell. There are also the beach and reef breaks accessible from the northern car park.