Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach lies 7 km and seven beaches west of Esperance. It commences immediately west of Blue Haven headland and trends west then southwest for 3.2 km. The beach grades from an exposed high energy rip-dominated system in the east where it is called initially Fourth, then Surfers.

Twilight Beach

Beach Patrol

Esperance Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club conducts patrols of Twilight Beach over weekends and public holidays between October and April each year. For further information regarding patrol dates and times, visit

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Ongoing Hazards

Beach Rips

Strong Currents

As it curves to the southwest it becomes increasingly protected by its orientation and the rocks and islets off Twilight Cove. The Cove region is the site of the Esperance/Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club and offers the least hazardous swimming and surfing beach along this section of shore.

My Beach

The club was founded in 1990 and patrols the beach on Sundays between December and March. Fourth and Surfers beaches are exposed to high waves, which together with scattered beach rock reefs, induce strong permanent rips. This section is more popular with surfers and fishers. The road to the Cove runs along the bluffs behind the beach with several car parks and access points down to the beach.

The more protected Twilight Beach lies at the western end of the beach with two large car parks either side of the Surf Life Saving Club. The beach faces southeast in the Cove and has rounded granite rocks forming the western headland, wave-washed granite islets just off the beach, as well as slabs of granite on the beach. The beach is composed of fine white sand, which combine with lower waves averaging 1 m, to produce a wide, flat beach and continuous shallow bar. Rips are usually absent in the western corner, but increase east of the Surf Life Saving Club as wave height picks up.

Beach Information

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Swimming Info

Twilight Beach is the safest swimming and surfing beach in the Esperance area, as well as being patrolled in summer. Still stay in the western patrolled area, close inshore and on the attached bar. Avoid swimming up the beach where waves and rips are more prevalent.

Surfing Info

Most surfers head for the high waves along Fourth and the aptly named Surfers beach where beach breaks and strong rips prevail, with Twilight more suitable for beginners.