Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach faces west-northwest and has three sections each separated by intertidal calcarenite reef.

Smiths Beach

Beach Patrol

Smiths Beach Surf Life Saving Club conducts patrols of Smiths Beach over weekends and public holidays between October and April each year. For further information regarding patrol dates and times, visit

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Ongoing Hazards

Beach Rips

Submerged Objects

Strong Currents

High surf

The main beach is 600 m long, faces northwest. The 500 m long headland provides some protection at the southern end resulting in waves increasing from about 1 m in the southern corner to 1.5 m in the north.

My Beach

Here they maintain 2-3 beach rips along the central-northern section of the beach. Gunyulgup Brook drains across the centre of the beach.

It is backed by a moderately stable foredune south of the creek, then the resort development, while north of the creek are vegetated dunes climbing the backing 60 m high slopes.

There is a left break off the point during higher waves and a variety of beach breaks over the reefs and bars.


Beach Information

My Beach

Swimming Info

South of the creek is the safer place to swim and is patrolled in summer, however strong waves and rips are still common, so use caution. North of the creek is increasingly hazardous owing to the reef, higher waves and stronger rips.

Surfing Info

This is one of the most popular surfing beaches in the area offering both consistent beach and several reef breaks. It also offers a little protection when the swell is too big elsewhere.