Secret Harbour

The patrol area is normally located towards the southern end of the beach. The patrolled area will vary depending on the local conditions including rips as well as the number of people on the beach.

Secret Harbour

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Secret Harbour SLSC also conducts roving patrols from south to Singleton Beach and north to Becher Point north.

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The type of patrol will be dependent on the number of people, the conditions and the activities being undertaken. Secret Harbour is located 62 kms south of Perth.

Secret Harbour extends north to the Port Kennedy Scientific Park, south to Golden Bay and east to Mandurah Rd. Secret Harbour’s wide beach, good swimming and surfing conditions have resulted in it being designated and developed as a regional beach area.

The recreation node includes parking for 770 cars, Secret Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club, toilets and showers, a dual use path and fenced beach access paths. The beach is popular with local residents and attracts visitors on a regional basis.

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Secret Harbour Beach (WA 793E) extends north to Becher Point and south to border Golden Bay. The length of the beach is approximately 5.7 kms. The beach is backed by sand dunes inside the coastal reserve area. There are several car parks situated along the developed area. There are no access roads within the Port Kennedy Scientific Park. The southern section of the beach has the highest energy with waves averaging up to 1.5 m and providing an 80 m wide surf zone. Rips are regularly spaced along the beach. The rips are often unpredictable and care should be taken when swimming on this beach.