Quinns Rocks

Quinns Rocks Beach commences at the end of the 10 m high calcarenite bluffs that extend 500 m north of the Mindarie beaches.

Weather 16°
Water 20°
UV Rating 4
Quinns Rocks

Ongoing Hazards

Submerged Objects

Heavy Shorebreak

Beach Erosion

Drop off

The beach continues north for 950 m to the tip of the foreland where a low 100 m long attached rock breakwater has been constructed.

My Beach
My Beach

The beach faces southwest but is protected from high waves by the offshore reefs, with waves averaging 0.5-1 m at the shore.

These produce a relatively narrow steep reflective beach, with a narrow bar and rips occurring when waves exceed 1 m.

The beach is patrolled by Quinns Mindarie Surf Life Saving Club, which formed in 1982.

Beach Information

Swimming Info

A beach enclosure has been installed at Quinns Beach.