Ocean Beach (Denmark)

Ocean Beach stretches for roughly 2.5km around Ratcliffe Bay with 500m to the Wilson Inlet, fronting the Great Southern Ocean, in the Shire of Denmark and a further 2 kilometres in the jurisdiction of the City of Albany. Known for its picturesque views and great surf, Ocean Beach is a popular destination for water activities such as surfing, kayaking, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddle boarding, for both locals and tourists alike.

Ongoing Hazards

Strong Currents

Located on the dunes, Denmark SLSC has been patrolling since 1958, and with good reason. With treacherous waters, large southern swells and a constant rip running close to the swimming area, this surf lifesaving club is essential to the safety of beach goers.

My Beach

Ocean Beach has free toilet, change room and shower facilities located near the Surf Life Saving Club, as well as a long grassed area overlooking the waves and a seated look-out area where visitors often watch the surf.

Best access to this beach is by car on a sealed road from Denmark, which runs along the western shore of the inlet right to the beach. You will find two car parks on the bluffs at the southern end above the Surf Life Saving Club.

Beach Information

Swimming Info

This is a potentially hazardous beach, with the safest area to swim, being on the inner portion of the bar in front of the Surf Life Saving Club. Waves average over 1m in front of the Club, but rapidly increasing in height toward the inlet. Be very careful if waves exceed 1m as strong rips are created here, particularly in the southern corner against Wilson Head, with a permanent rip running along the southern rocks.
Do not swim near the inlet, particularly if it is open due to the high chance of rips.

Surfing Info

Ocean Beach is a popular surfing spot for locals, with beach breaks right along the beach and east past the inlet.
Beginners and novice surfers enjoy the waves that wrap around the headland.