Hillarys Beach

The northern beach (WA 861) continues on the northern side of the seawall for another 100 m, and is backed by a continuous grassy reserve. The main boat ramp is located 50 m west of the beach.

Weather 20°
Water 21°
UV Rating 3
Hillarys Beach

Ongoing Hazards

Drop off

They are popular beaches with large car parks to either side, as well as commercial facilities nearby. They are usually calm and relatively safe, so long as you stay close to shore and clear of the boating activity.

My Beach

The southern beach extends for 200 m between the southern car park and a central 50 m long circular seawall that separates the two beaches. The beach is backed by commercial operations then a grassy reserve.

Some bathers get into trouble when they swim or drift into the deeper water off the beaches.Surf Life Saving WA Lifeguards patrol the beach located in the marina Monday to Friday during summer (December to February) and Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club also patrol the beach on weekends and public holidays during the SLS season.