Dongara Beach

Dongara beach is the main ocean beach for Dongara and located at the end of the town’s main street.

Weather 29°
Water 23°
UV Rating 15
Dongara Beach

Beach Patrol

Monday 15th
Tuesday 16th
Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
Friday 19th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st

Dongara Denison SLSC

8:30 am
12:30 pm

It is also known as Ocean or Town beach. Dongara/Denison Surf Life Saving Club was founded in 2004 and patrols Town Beach.

My Beach

The beach faces west and curves for 800 m between reef-attached sand forelands. The boundary and offshore reefs lower waves to lees than 1 m, which usually maintain a steep reflective beach to each end, with at times a central low tide terrace where the waves are highest.

A dune reserve runs the length of the beach with the Dongara caravan park at the southern end next to the main car park and beach access. A crayfish factory is located behind the centre, with houses backing the northern half.

Beach Information

Swimming Info

The safest swimming in Dongara is at the harbour beach clear of the boat launching area. It also has the best facilities. South Beach has the best surf, though rips are present, while Surf and Dongara beaches, while they have lower waves can have a heavy shorebreak and deep water right off the beach.

Surfing Info

South Beach has the most consistent surf and the best beach and some reef breaks, with good access if you have a 4WD vehicle. The Point itself, known as Dension, also has some heavier reef breaks, while conditions at Surf and Dongara beaches can range from calm to reasonable beach and reef breaks.