Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach commences on the northern side of the seawall and gently curves to the north for 3.7 km. It forms the northern shoreline of the foreland and at its northern point reconnects with the inner calcarenite of the old Pleistocene shoreline called James Rocks. The southern part of the beach is within the regional park, with the Jervoise Bay Sailing Club located at the very southern end.

Beach Patrol

Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club conducts patrols of Coogee Beach over weekends and public holidays between October and April each year. For further information regarding patrol dates and times, visit

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It is then backed by a vegetated reserve and the old Quarantine station. The reserve continues to a small jetty backed by a recreational area with all facilities,

My Beach
My Beach

It includes a camping area and the old munitions depot, and finally the Coogee Beach Resort and a northern recreational jetty, with a terminal groyne just south of James Rocks. The beach is patrolled by the Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club founded in 2003.

From James Rocks the shoreline trends north for 5.5 km to the southern training wall of Fremantle Harbour. In between is a once continuous sandy shore that has been heavily modified by structures and development when the area was backed by industry.

Since the 1990’s its backshore has undergone a transformation from a power station, railway yards and meat works, to in part, the Catherine Point Reserve, the South Beach Recreational Reserve and a large fishing and small boat harbour to the north. All the beaches face west and are partly sheltered by a string of reefs, including Carnac Island, that extends north of Garden Island. The reefs lies 5-6 km offshore and lower ocean waves to less than 1 m at the shore.

Beach Information

My Beach

Swimming Info

Always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Surfing Info

Surfing information for this beach is currently unavailable.