City Beach

A patrol tower is located at the tip of the southern groyne. When the club was established in 1925 this section of dune backed beach was known as the "Sahara desert".

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City Beach

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City of Perth SLSC

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A plank road was constructed across the dunes in 1918, followed by primitive shelters and toilets in 1921 and finally the surf club in 1925.

My Beach
My Beach

City of Perth SLSC patrols a 2.5 km section of the beach from the northern end of “No Man’s Land” up to the two groynes that lie either side of the clubhouse and which demark the main 500 m long City Beach and patrol area.

Today the modern club house overlooks the beach and is backed by extensive car parks and a large grassy foreshore reserve. City Beach, like the adjoining beaches, receives relatively low waves, averaging 0.5 to 1 m, and usually has a steep beach and a continuous bar.

Rips only occur along the beach during higher waves, particularly in winter, however whenever waves are breaking across the bars, rips run out against the groynes.

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Swimming Info

The patrolled area offers the safest swimming areas. Always stay between the flags, on the bar and close inshore.

Surfing Info

The best beach breaks are amongst the higher waves at the Scarborough-Trigg end of the beach. At City and Floreat the groynes attract most attention.