Champion Bay

Champion Bay-St Georges-Bluff Point Beach (WA 1089) is the 3.8 km long remnant of the beach that once extended for 8 km south and west to Point Moore.

Weather 28°
Water 23°
UV Rating 6
Champion Bay

It now commences on the northern side of the Batavia marina where it is called St Georges Beach and trends north past low Bluff Point (Bluff Point Beach), to the usually blocked 100 m wide mouth of the Chapman River.

My Beach

Shallow seagrass-covered calcarenite reef parallels most of the beach extending up to 1 km offshore and results in very low wave conditions at the shore and seagrass commonly piled up on the beach.

A foreshore reserve, then Chapman Drive and Kempton Street parallel the rear beach with good access the length of the beach.

The very southern corner had prograded in lee of the marina breakwater and faces north, however a few hundred metres up the beach erosion has cut the beach back to the road and a seawall backs the beach. At the beginning of Kempton Street are a park, car park and boat ramp.