Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay is an open north-facing 2 km wide bay located between Shelley Beach and Rocky Point and contains a curving 2.3 km long sandy beach (WA 733).

Bunker Bay

Ongoing Hazards

Submerged Objects

Strong Currents

Waves average just over 1 m at the eastern end. The beach usually has a low tide terrace extending along the western section to a central inshore reef, with usually several beach rips towards the east.

My Beach

This is the highest energy beach along this section of coast and popular with surfers looking for beach breaks known as The Farm and Boneyards.

There is a car park at the western end with a walk along the beach to reach the better surf. It is backed by a vegetated foredune, two central dammed creeks, that bracket a farm, and rising vegetated slopes to either rend.

Rocky Point lies at the eastern end of a 600 m long section of granite shoreline. As the shoreline turns south at the point it permits two small pockets of sand to accumulate on the southern side of the point (beaches WA 734 & 735).