Back Beach (Bunbury)

Bunbury Beach (WA 757) commences 12 km south of Bunbury city at the Five Mile Brook drains and trends to the north-northwest for 12.5 km to Rocky Point.

Back Beach (Bunbury)

Ongoing Hazards

Strong Currents

The northern 4 km is known successively as Mindalong, Hasties St, Hungry Hollow and finally Ocean Beach. It receives waves averaging 1 m.

My Beach

The beach faces west and receives protection from both Cape Naturaliste 50 km to the southwest and Beachrock reefs that lie off the beach. These produce a relatively steep beach, often fronted by a low tide terrace. While the beach is usually free of rips permanent rips are located adjacent to the rocky sections.

This is the main surfing beach for Bunbury and site of the Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club, which is located just south of Rocky Point. The Surf Club is one of the oldest in Australia, and the third oldest in Western Australia, having been founded in 1915. The beach is a near continuation of the long stretch of sand that extends north from Busselton.

This scenic drive provides good parking and access for 3 km south of the Surf Club. A number of rocky reefs are located along the beach, including either end of the Surf Club beach section. The Surf Club is surrounded by a long car park and fronted by a seawall.