Binningup Beach

Binningup Beach is the name of a small beachfront settlement in the centre of a 22 km long beach that starts at The Cut at the mouth of the Leschenault Estuary and trends essentially due north to the small mouth of the Harvey River diversion drain, just below Myalup. The straight beach receives waves averaging about 1 m for most of its length, which maintain a steep reflective beach.

Binningup Beach

Beach Patrol

Binningup Surf Life Saving Club conducts patrols of Binningup Beach over weekends and public holidays between October and April each year. For further information regarding patrol dates and times, visit

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Ongoing Hazards



The entire beach is backed by moderately active 20-30 m high transgressive dunes, including blowouts and parabolics, extending up to 1 km inland, with vegetated dunes up to 1.5 km wide. The dunes are in turn backed by the 2 km wide Leschenault Estuary in the south and a swampy 1 km wide interbarrier depression for the remainder.

My Beach

The only access in the south is via the Buffalo Road around the top of the estuary to a 4WD track across the dunes, and in the north at Binningup. The Binningup Surf Life Saving Club, founded in 2002, is located at the settlement and patrols the beach on Sundays between November and March.

The Binningup settlement extends for about 2 km through the dunes towards the northern end of the beach. The beach in this area has some outcrops of beachrock along and just offshore, resulting in a more crenulate shoreline. There is a large beachfront car park and boat launching area on a section of the beach partly protected by inshore reefs, while all the houses are located in behind the foredune.

The 53.5 km of continuous sand between Myalup and Cape Bouvard is the longest beach in the southwest. The north-trending beach  commences at Myalup at the Harvey River diversion drain and trends almost due north for 32 km to the small Preston beach settlement, then another 7 km to the southern boundary of Yalgorup National Park, which occupies then next 7 km of shore, before the final 15 km which gently curves round Cape Bouvard. The beach terminates in the north at the first major beachrock outcrop located 1 km south of Tims Thicket.