Saving lives is what we do!

Surf Life Saving Western Australia (SLSWA) is the state’s peak coastal safety and rescue organisation. Saving lives is at the core of what we do, whether it’s through the delivery of essential lifesaving services, running our training and education programs in the community, teaching people lifesaving first aid, or giving our lifesavers the chance to hone their skills on the sand and in the water.

Our beach patrols – Surf Life Saving WA operates surf lifesaving patrols at over thirty Western Australian beaches. Volunteer lifesavers and lifeguards are positioned at these key beach locations during the Surf Life Saving season (October to April) to protect beach-goers and perform rescues when swimmers get into trouble.

Our safety and rescue services – Surf Life Saving WA saves and protects lives on WA beaches. We achieve this through our dedicated teams of safety and rescue services, including lifesavers and lifeguards, Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Services and Wesfarmers Life Saver Jet Ski Teams.

Our work in the community – Surf Life Saving WA offers the public the chance to learn vital skills via a range of community programs. Learning how to perform rescues, identify coastal dangers or to drive a recreational boat are important skills that can be taught by Surf Life Saving WA.

Our work in schools – Surf Life Saving WA places high importance on education and preventing incidents ever arising. School education programs offered by Surf Life Saving WA cover a range of topics, including an introduction to the beach, basic first aid and surf lifesaving sport, with lessons conducted in the classroom or at the beach.

Our work with kids – The ocean can be a scary and dangerous place for a young child or even a parent. Surf Life Saving WA provides a great introduction to the beach, waves and surf lifesavers via the popular SurfBabies, SurfKids and Holiday Nipper programs. These fun, short run programs offer both children and parents a great foundation to learn about the beach and to develop confidence in the water.

Our work in first aid – Learn first aid and CPR from the lifesaving experts, Surf Life Saving WA. Surf Life Saving offers public first aid and CPR courses that will give participants these vital lifesaving skills. You could help save the life of someone close to you one day and become a real lifesaver.

Health promotion and research – SLSWA’s Health Promotion and Research Department was established in 2012 to reduce coastal drowning deaths in WA. With the WA population increasing, as well as beach visitation rates, in recent years an increase in the number of coastal drowning deaths at WA’s beaches has been recorded. The department takes a coordinated approach in increasing the capacity of Surf Life Saving WA to provide an essential drowning prevention service to all beachgoers.

Our sport – Our surf club members are exceptional athletes and take part in a range of surf sports competitions throughout the year on state, national and international levels.