Western Australia has a strong history and track record of producing outstanding surf sports athletes.

Our state is home to many present day and former sporting champions who have honed their skills at our local surf clubs and gone on to dominate surf sports at a state, national and international level.

The Surf Life Saving WA Sporting Hall of Fame recognises these outstanding athletes and their exceptional efforts and welcomes deserving new inductees each year at the Surf Life Saving WA Awards of Excellence.


NameYear Inducted
George Burton1996
Ray Elliott1996
Ron Fussell1996
Neville Gliddon1996
W F “Gus” Graham1996
Bruce Hutchinson1996
Arthur “Danny” Kay1996
Bruce McKenzie1996
Don Pass1996
Warren Somerford1996
Alan White1996
Peter Hawkins1999
John Stringfellow1999
John Wright1999
Jack Alliss2000
Ken Gathercole2000
Garry Hotchkin2000
Richard Meadmore2000
Michael Cook2000
Bernie Kelly2000
Donald Morrison OAM (Legend 2012)2000
Kenneth Vidler (Legend 2012)2000
Jack Hampshire2001
Terrance Landwehr2001
Deane Pieters2001
Jack Trail2001
Colin Vidler2001
Leigh Buchan2001
Stan Jacks2002
Graham ‘Tuppy’ Lahiff2002
Robert Watkins2002
Michael Wright2002
Ken Foster2003
Richard Hartley2003
Robert Milne2003
John Leivers2003
John Ryan2003
Dean Beament2004
Jeff Davidson2004
Sam Law2004
Denis Smith2004
Mark Nolan2005
Gregory Mickle2005
Eric Hoffmaster2007
Robert Somerford2009
Frederick Annesley2009
Rod Baker2009
Simon Martin2009
Peter Smith2009
Brad Trotter2009
Lindsay Bistrup2009
Bill Mattingley2010
North Cottesloe Beach Relay Team (1948 to 1957)2010
Michael MacDermott2011
James O’Toole2011
Carolyn Whiting2012
Renée McCabe2012
Willow Williamson2012
North Cottesloe J Crew (Legends 2015)2012
Natasha Leaversuch2013
Alicia Marriott2013
Alison O’Toole2013
Andrew Mosel2014
Ian Scott OAM2014
Fremantle Men’s Beach Relay Team (1981 to 1992)2017
Floreat Men’s IRB Assembly Team (1996 to 2000)2018
Natalie Morris2019
Mark Finucane2019

* Deceased