Chief Executive

Chief Executive Officer: James O’Toole


General Manager Corporate, Sport and Health: Rob Murphy
General Manager Lifesaving and Training: Chris Peck

Chief Executive Officer’s Office

Lawyer: Eve Metcalfe
Club Development Coordinator: Mark Irwin
Executive Assistant: Vasika Bechar
Receptionist: Jasmine Cunningham

Corporate, Sport and Health

Accountant: Alexandra Smith
Accounts Officer: Sharon Foong

Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator: Minda Penn
Marketing and Communications Officer: Megan Jones
Events and Partnerships Officer: Renee Jones
Marketing Officer: Ruby Cumberland

IT Development Coordinator: Ryan Greenaway
Information Technology Support Officer: Karl Stangroom

Sport and Development Coordinator: Jason Wright
High Performance Officer: Andrew Mosel
Senior Development Officer: David Somers
Health Promotion & Member Development Officer: Stevee Belcher
Program Support Officer: Sandy Clarke
Program Support Officer: Marcus Lee

Fundraising and Philanthropy Supervisor: Ellaine Hislop
Fundraising Program Officer: VACANT
Fundraising Administration Officer: Karen Peters

Lifesaving and Training

Lifesaving Coordinator: Nick Pavy
Support Operations Officer: Mick Owens
Lifeguard Operations Officer: Kirsty Hayden
Metro Lifeguard Supervisor: Graham Snook

Training & Education Coordinator: David Gallagher
Training & Education Officer: Lyn Coleshaw
Lifesaving & Training Development Officer: Domenic Cowdell
Training & Education Sales Officer: Felicity Mead
Training & Education Administrative Officer: VACANT
Training & Education Administrative Officer: Janie Rowse
Community Programs Officer: Jacqueline O’Rourke

Organisational Structure available here