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25 . 02 . 2020

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Diligent lifesavers to thank for a successful abalone season

Surf Life Saving WA credits the dedication of it’s clubs and members as the 2019/20 west coast zone abalone fishing season closes out fatality free. Despite a final session which proved challenging, with overcast weather and increased wind and swell catching out a number of fishers, overall the season saw good weather, diligent lifesavers, and […]

Media Release, Safety & Rescue

20 . 02 . 2020

cpr and defibrillation - SLSWA

How To Learn CPR and Defibrillation

Why learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and defibrillation? Knowing how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator can save someone’s life, be it your family, a co-worker or a stranger. At Surf Life Saving WA, we are passionate about teaching everyday Australians how to perform CPR because it isn’t just for medical professionals or office HR […]

Community Education

16 . 02 . 2020

My Beach

2020 SunSmart WA Surf Rescue Championships

Congratulations to those clubs and athletes who took on the 2020 SunSmart WA Surf Rescue Championships yesterday at Mullaloo Beach. The Surf Rescue championships comprise the Rescue & Resuscitation, Belt Race, and Rescue Tube Rescue events and it was fantastic to see some of our nippers from as young as U10’s coming down to take […]

Surf Sport

11 . 02 . 2020

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Red hot form gives City Red surf league win

Coming off a win in round 1 of the SunSmart WA Surf League, expectations were high for City Red and once again they delivered, taking six event wins which saw them close out round 2 sitting atop the leader board ahead of North Cott and City Black. The first event of the day, the Open […]

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